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NewsAnother generation of Arvestaserund finished the workshop. Let's wait for the new ones...
The project Arvestaserund said good-bye to its second group of students.
Already more than 80 young, very talened and energetic children have been spending their weekends with us, attending the animation and film production design workshops led by Naira Muradyan and Marina Vagharshyan.
If you look at the photos attentively, you can notice how the children strike different poses for the stop-motion animation. Also you can notice that we don't select the best photos. We post every single one to show you the huge energy and uniqueness of every child.
The certificates' receiving ceremony took place in Marina Vagharshyan's very hospitable studio.
If you look again, you will see how Naira Muradyan prepares fruit for the children, and Marina Vagharshyan prepares the paintings of everyone drawn by herself all night. And all this for our young talented students.
The workshop leaders gave every child its certificate with a unique gift, photographed with each of them, and made another sweet memory.