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NewsThe children of Ruben Grigoryan or the entrance with white shirts on...
One of the most devoted artists of our cinema, documentarist Ruben Grigoryan has dedicated the best years of his life to the students of YSITC. On June 18th his students gathered in the Cinema house small hall to pay a tribute to their Master. They invited all cinema lovers to their event, and the dress-code of the evening was a white shirt, as their Master liked.
The screenings of the films by 3rd grade students of YSITC, faculty of cinematography, television and animation, were another nice occasion to remember their head tutor, documentarist Ruben Grigoryan, a man whose students are individual "players" in today's cinema sphere, quite famous and creative.
After Ruben Grigoryan passed away, film director Arshak Margaryan took the responsibility of the head of the students, and today's evening was his initiative.
Before the screening professor Aneta Erznkyan greeted the guests, congratulated the students, mentioned that Ruben Grigoryan's students are like a big family, and it's so heartwarming to see how the elders support the youngers in everything.
Arshak Margaryan also greeted everyone and asked to stand and respect the memory of his friend in silence. Then the screenings started.