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NewsTo remember, to respect, to pay a proper tribute...
An evening at the Cinema house Grand hall was dedicated to our colleague and friend, Vigen Stepanyan's memory.
Although there are still some difficulties because of the COVID-19 and the people escape from crowded places, but the occasion to pay a proper tribute to Vigen Stepanyan brought many people to the Cinema house Grand hall.
Back in 2016, Vigen Stepanyan played a lead role in "Where is the Euphrates, son?" and it kind of was his last big role in cinema.
The film was screened abroad many times, received several awards in different film festivals, one of which was Yalta IFF prize for the best man's role, but unfortunately Yerevan premiere of the film was without Vigen.
The president of Armenian Union of Film professionals, Harutyun Khachatryan opened the evening, greeted the audience, talked about Vigen Stepanyan, mentioned that we had to dedicate an evening to our friend Vigen, because we need to remember, to respect and to pay a proper tribute to those who were devoted to our cinema and culture, who were'nt indifferent about the present and trials.
Then film director Ruben Pashinyan talked about the film and the artist Vigen Stepanyan, showing his gratitude to the artist.
The audience stood for a minute of silent respect, then watched the film "Where is the Euphrates, son?", the script of which was like the artist's life...