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NewsThe films of Marat Sargsyan and Don Askaryan in the Cinema house
Two days in a row on the Cinema house screen were films, which, though are popular abroad, but were less known to Armenian audience...
First was the film "Father" by Marat Sargsyan, based in Lithuania. This documentary showed the director's approach to cinema, the genre, professional standards, etc.
Being an interesting storyteller, Marat Sargsyan told the audience about the idea of making a film about a man with a unique way of life, both bad and good qualities mixed in one person.
The "guest" of the second day was Don Askaryan, based in Germany, who passed away in 2018, still being mystical for Armenian audience.
Before the screening, film critic Karen Avetisyan talked about the director and his film, noticing that this screening is dedicated to the 20th jubilee of the film, and is a tribute to not only the director Don Askaryan, but also the DOP Rudolf Vatinyan, who also passed away lately.
As was expected, the film caught the audience and took to another world, gave many thoughts and different views...