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NewsTwo hours with beloved person Hasmik Papyan
This Cinema evening of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia wasn't like others, because our guest was beloved artist and person, world famous soprano Hasmik Papyan.
More than 30 years ago young singer Hasmik Papyan had played the lead role in "Almast", film-opera by Tigran Levonyan, which is one of the exclusive pieces of Armenian cinema.
In presence of lovely Hasmik Papyan, the film-opera "Almast" was screened in the Cinema house Small hall, after which the audience had an opportunity to talk with the world famous soprano.
The sincere talk lasted around 2 hours, including memories from behind the scenes, about an artist, person and citizen Hasmik Papyan, etc. The president of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia Harutyun Khachatryan, who was the second director of the film and Tigran Levonyan's councellor of cinematography, also shared his memories from the filming days, Hasmik's role, and mentioned that those kind of films need to be restored and can tell the world alot about Armenian cinema heritage.