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News40 years of beloved film "A mulberry tree"
40 years ago film director Genadi Melkonyan made the film "A mulberry tree", which was loved by the audience of every age and generation, and till nowadays everyone watches it with the same excitement and smile as the first time.
This is a film that every generation loves. It is based on a wonderful story written by an Armenian writer Zorayr Khalapyan and directed by a talented filmmaker Genadi Melkonyan.
In the frames of the topic "Comeback to the Cinema house" the professor Aneta Erznkyan presented the film to the audience, then after the screening, the people moved to the Fireplace hall to meet the staff members of the film.
Unfortunately the director and some of the actors are no longer with us, but the actress Tamar Hovhannisyan, the script editor of the film Mikayel Stamboltsyan, Zorayr Khalapyan's brother Temik Khalapyan, film critic Robert Matosyan were in the hall, and the audience had the opportunity to listen to many behind the scenes stories, the relations of the artists on and off screen, etc.