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NewsCharents's "Comeback" to Cinema house
On March 13th, the genius CHarents's birthday, there was an unprecedented meeting of Charents-lovers at Armenian Union of Film Professionals.
It was unprecedented, because a film about the Poet had been created in 1957, and that evening we had the opportunity to watch it for the first time and discover more about our favorite Artist.
Unfortunately we found out that the film was made with the Soviet ideology, but the documentary parts were quite interesting and showed the image of that time.
After watching the film, the audience had a very interesting talk with the guest, writer Vahram Martirosyan, quite a deep talk about the great Armenian poet Eghishe Charents.
Vahram Martirosyan is also the script writer of a full-length film about Charents, which hasn't been shot yet, so he told about many interesting and less known details about Charents, explaining it from the perspective of the time, the history, the era. Vahram could talk about the Poet for hours, with the same emotionality and excitement as someone can talk about the Poet.
Among the audience there where writers, philologs, directors, journalists, who also participated in the talk, spoke about their views and opinions about the phenomenon, his life and work, the film, etc.