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NewsAlexander Rastorguiev and his films were on the big screen of Cinema house
The films of one of the best documentarists, Alexander Rastorguiev, were screening in the Cinema house Small hall of Armenian Union of Film Professionals on October 24.
Rastorguiev had been killed in Central Africa on July 30, 2018, and the evening was a tribute to him.
He had made more than 15 films, including "The last day", dedicated to Armenian velvet revolution, which also screened in the evening.
The vice-president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Mikayel Dovlatyan spoke about the director and his documentaries, trying to unveil Rastorguiev's world of cinema.
Director's friend, scriptwriter Susanna Barandjieva thoroughly spoke about her friend, also told exceptional details from filming days of "The last day" and from her experience working with Rastorguiev, which also discovered the person and the documentarist.