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Armenie(s). Les temps des artistes...
Karen Gevorgyan's film "Dilemma" on the big screen of the Cinema house
The celebration of Armenian Cinema day with the new generation
Distant birthday wishes to Roman Balayan with a film screening and a glass of wine
To remember, to respect, to pay a proper tribute...
Youth cinema is always under the spotlight
Being attentive and grateful for the memory and work of the great names of Armenian cinema
The films of Marat Sargsyan and Don Askaryan in the Cinema house
The art of Naira Muradyan and Vahan Artsruni on the Cinema house big screen
The screening of "Land of holy rites" by Edgar Baghdasaryan
Youth cinematalk about the youth cinema
An evening dedicated to Hrant Matevosyan in the warm environment of Cinema house
Armenian-Iranian cinema developments in the spotlight
The lady of "The Autumn Sun"... Homage and congratulations...
Another two big talents got stars on the Alley of Stars on Charles Aznavour square
Tonino Guerra's centennial was celebrated in Armenian Union of Film Professionals
Youth film premieres at Cinema house in the crowded halls
Young film director Hayk Matevosyan's debut at Cinema house
Armenian Union of Film Professionals continues the initiatives with the Ministry of Defence of RA
Parajanov through a young filmmaker's eyes
Fellini's and Guerra's centennial celebrations have begun
Almost two hours with the artist Zulum Grigoryan...
The joint events with Armenian Union of Film Professionals and the Ministry of Defence of RA have started
""National Cinematheque" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" concept was presented
A long waited meeting with Nare Mkrtchyan finally happened
The representative of Hakob Hovnatanyan family visited Armenian Union of Film Professionals
All the secrets about the film "The gorge of the abandoned tales" were unveiled 45 years later
Cinema house hosted many creative teenagers on International Children's day
Union of film professionals of Gyumri was the guest of Cinema house
New development of cooperation: a meeting with the Script writers' Guild members
Film screenings dedicated to May holidays. Day 1
Mushegh Galshoyan's "Comeback" to Cinema house
CinemaTalks with Inna Sahakyan
The "April" and an exceptional talk about cinema, literature...
Discussion on cooperation with Embassy of Republic of Korea and Korean cultural center
The presentation of the book dedicated to Harutyun Khachatryan in Moscow
Harutyun Movsisyan talked about cinema, theater, his way as an actor
The guest of Cinema#Talks was Georgi Hovakimyan
Always lovely Mayranush Grigoryan at Cinema house
The masterclass of loved actor Davit Hakobyan
Two hours with beloved person Hasmik Papyan
In bright and big "presence" of the Artist Khoren Abrahamyan
"The best half of a lifetime" screened at Cinema house 40 years after its premiere
The schoolchildren of Karvachar visited Cinema house
The Cinema dialogue of two generations became a big masterclass
Harutyun Khachatryan's "Border" on Italian screen again
40 years of beloved film "A mulberry tree"
"Wind of Oblivion" 30 years later on the screen of Cinema house again
The opening of Armenian Union of Film professionals in Vanadzor
The sincere conversation with Babken Chobanyan became a real masterclass
An interesting meeting with Shant Hovhannisyan
Charents's "Comeback" to Cinema house
A wonderful day with Hrant Matevossian and the freshmen from Heratsi high school
Film director Aram Shahbazyan talked about developing prospects of Armenian cinema
The concept of Armenian national cinematheque under the spotlight of the Government
An evening at Cinema house dedicated to Parajanov after Rotterdam
A new group of wonderful children and the world of Hovhannes Tumanyan
This time the guest of Cinema#Talks was French-Armenian film director Levon Minasyan
Another hot Cinema dialogue in the crowded hall of Cinema house
Always interesting and unique Naira Muradyan
On Tumanyan's day Cinema house was crowded with bright children
Around 100 creative youth attended to the project Cinema dialogue at Cinema house
Cinema#Talks with Mher Mkrtchyan became a dialogue among few generations
Mexican diplomats at Cinema house
An emotional evening with Matevossian and Malyan
Cinema for children... Our cinema and our schoolchildren
An interesting conversation with film director Garik Mashkaryan about cinema
Zaven Boyajyan and French cinema... an interesting combo
Swedish-Armenian director's film and many discoveries
Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan talked about contemporary cinema and developing prospects of Armenian cinema
Armenian new cinema caused a big interest
The first meeting under the topic Cinema#Talks were incredible
Filmed decades ago, saved many important facts... this documentary revealed a lot
This time Azat Gasparyan "came back"
European "tour" of Armenian cinema
"Nazar the brave" and generations' reunion
One year later. A report
Warm atmosphere of the Fireplace hall
Another warm day at our legendary Fireplace hall
Establishing a film professionals' guild in Gyumri
"The other, different Frunzik" at Cinema house
The report of one year's work was presented
The premiere of "Spitak, our epicenter of love and pain"
The screening of the film "Jivan Gasparyan" in the Cinema house Grand hall
The legendary artist's "Non finita"
The "Italian pages of Armenian cinema" were presented
Another festival came to an end
Yerevan stories, youth, flowers...
ReAnimania feast came to an end... more feasts to come at Cinema house
The first animation film was screened at Cinema house
Another celebration in the Cinema house Grand hall
In memory of Arkadiy Hayrapetyan
Alexander Rastorguiev and his films were on the big screen of Cinema house
Crowded hall and conversation about Narekatsi
"Comeback to Cinema house": Hovik Hakhverdyan
An evening with Aznavour
"The mourning snow" 40 years later: whole charm of "Comeback"
The schoolchildren were attracted to Cinegame
Warm and sincere meeting with Narineh Grigoryan
The president of Urban Development Committee is interested in the project of national Cinematek
During the Board meeting of Armenian Union of Film professionals
Chats, memories, appreciation...
Will the dream of Armenian Cinematek come true?
Armenian cinema returns...
Armenian Cinematek: from dream to reality...
The Cinema House Grand Hall was reopened 43 years later
With Ruben Gevorgyants...
This time's "Comeback" was dedicated to Albert Mkrtchyan
Youth, cinema education, facts, perspectives...
Small hall (H. Malyan theater)
Grand hall
Continuing film screenings; this time the “Comeback” was dedicated to Aghasi Ayvazyan
Cinematographers were invited to discuss the drafted project of regulation
Discussion on Copyright Issues
Popular specialist from Hamburg at Cinema house
The story of "The enemies" at Cinema house
A look into the future and numerous questions about cinema, yesterday and tomorrow
A unique person named August Sukuts
Tarkowsky, the "Dream", Armenian cinema
World’s cinema, this time from Germany
VGIK at Cinema house
Happy eyes, clever views, hard questions…
Maestro Michael Poghosyan and the "Maestro"
"Garni" in the center of generations' dialogue
"Who's there...?" The youth hurried and opened the doors of Cinema house
Small cinehall
Laert Vagharshyan's comeback to Cinema house
Fireplace hall
"The sunrise over the lake Van" caused a great excitement
Youth and "Forgotten Armenian cinema"
Women, flowers, wine, film…
Dmitri Kesayants's "Comeback"
The first joint press-conference of the presidents of professional guilds took place
The Cinema house Grand hall will be reopened after 30 years
Ara Vahuni's "Comeback"