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NewsAll the secrets about the film "The gorge of the abandoned tales" were unveiled 45 years later
The new cycle of the cinema evenings at Cinema house was opened with the screening of the film "The gorge of the abandoned tales" by Edmond Keosayan, after 45 years of its premiere.
The screening in the frames of the topic "Favorite Armenian cinema" was a great occasion to meet the creative staff of the film, talk about the filming process, the roles, the soundtracks, behind the scenes, etc.
Unfortunately the actress of the lead role, Laura Gevorgyan could not come to the screening, but the actor Alexander Khachatryan, who played Mihran, a facsinating role, accepted our invite.
Our invitation was accepted by the composer of the film Robert Amirkhanyan as well.
After the screening the audience had a long friendly talk with Alexander Khachatryan and Robert Amirkhanyan, who talked about the ideology of the film, the life, love, devotion, cheating, forgiving, etc.
Another memorable evening in the warm Fireplace hall of the Cinema house, which lasted longer than usual, but many topics remained undiscussed, with an expectation to meet again.