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NewsArmenian Cinematek: from dream to reality...
In the upcoming days, the President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sargsyan will visit Armenian Union of Film Professionals and, among other projects, will also get acquainted with the process of creating the Armenian Cinematheque - the modern Armenian cinema museum.
It will take a time before the Armenian Cinematheque from a dream becomes a reality, but every step along this road brings us closer to that dream.
Just a few months ago, at the initiative of the president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan, a commission was created to work on creation of the future Cinematheque, of which the legendary cameraman of the Armenian cinema is also a member, the best expert on the Armenian cinema history - Levon Atoyants.
Recently, the first symbolic display of the collected exhibits opened in the Cinema house “Fireplace hall”. The collection of exhibits for the Museum continues sequentially and continuously. Professionals are studying the modern Cinematheques of the world to create the Armenian Cinematheque.
Enthusiasm will never go out, difficulties will not cancel the process of work and the day will come when Armenian Cinematheque, a living museum, cultural and tourist center, will become a reality, incorporating the rich history of Armenian cinema and the vision of its future.
Once again we urge everyone to contribute to the preservation of our film history, we are open for cooperation.
On July 21, 2018 the projects of the Cinematheque were again discussed, while the first discussion of the idea took place on November 27, 2017.