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NewsMaestro Michael Poghosyan and the "Maestro"
The meeting in the Cinema house "Fireplace hall" of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia with Michael Poghosyan was to touching and Michael Poghosyan had so much to say that he didn't know from where to start.
The regular meeting under the topic "Cinema night with an actor" had gathered the lovers of Michael Poghosyan's art, and they were so many that it was difficult to find a place to sit.
Before the meeting the audience watched the film "Maestro" by director Vigen Chaldranyan and Michael Poghosyan in the lead role with great interest, especially that the director was in the hall too, and audience expected to chat with Vigen Chaldranyan as well.
The collaboration of the artists Vigen Chaldranyan-Michael Poghosyan has been very promising, the actor was able to create absolutely different roles in Chaldranyan's films, which are so deep.
The audience was impressed with the film, too. The role created by Michael Poghosyan is really impressive.
Before the screening, the president of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia Harutyun Khachatryan greeted his colleagues in the crowded hall and once again mentioned the importance of return of cineatmosphere to Cinema house, the meaning of film screenings, discussions and cinecognition for audience.
Film critic Aneta Erznkyan, as always, spoke about the "Maestro" from professional side, leaving main "traps" to the audience. The film is about the relationships between an intelligent man and a society with crowd mentality. This is about what can happen when the connection of a person and society is broken. All this is anchored on family love and dramatism, the most part of which the director has left to the audience to solve.
Michael Poghosyan and Vigen Chaldranyan chatted with the audience till late night as they didn't want to leave.