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NewsThe last closed door of the Cinema House is finally open
The beginning of the ""National Cinematheque" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" is no longer a dream...
The date "30th October, 2021" is going to be remarkable for the rich cultural history of Armenian Union of Film Professionals and the Cinema House, because on that day the last closed door of the Cinema House, the main entrance from Khanjyan str. was finally open.
The President of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan had promised this 4 years ago, and now it is done successfully.
Not only the main entrance of one of the favorite cultural centers of Yerevan is reopened, not only the foyer of the biggest cinema hall of Yerevan is restored and renovated, but also the launch of Armenian national cinematheque is declared.
One of the main purposes of this huge project is to use the area of the Cinematheque as a unique environment for everyone, students, teenagers, cinephiles, to get in touch with the cinematography every day.
This concept is going to present the Armenian cinema heritage with exceptional details and less popular stories, to present and remember the creators of Armenian cinema history whose devotion let us have this "weapon" to spread our culture through the world.
Thanks to this all, Armenian film premieres, everyday film screenings, meetings and discussions, film festivals and awards will come back to the Cinema house.
And this is still the beginning...