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NewsKaren Gevorgyan's film "Dilemma" on the big screen of the Cinema house
The premiere screening of the film "Dilemma" by a film director Karen Gevorgyan took place at the Cinema house.
The film had not been screened for 21 years and finally was screened in the Cinema house Grand hall, in the presence of Karen Gevorgyan and the cast and crew.
After the beginning titles, the author has written:
"The author has finished this film in 2000, and he hasn't shown it on the big screen. The reason of such decision was that the author realized, that the issues shown in the film, the messages would not be accepted neither by the government, nor by the people, because everyone was in the euphoria of the First Artsakh war victory.
Nowadays, it is time for the truth..."
Before the film started, Karen Gevorgyan spoke about the film, and after the screening gave his own book "State-Family, State-Castle".