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NewsYoung film director Hayk Matevosyan's debut at Cinema house
Armenian young filmmaker based in the US, Hayk Matevosyan, was in Armenia during the short time between Rotterdam and Berlin IFFs, and was invited to Cinema house.
To not miss any opportunity to present young creators, to get to know their works, thoughts, plans. This is the main policy of Armenian Union of Film Professionals.
Hayk Matevosyan left Armenia in 2008 after March 1st accidents, studied in one of the world's best film educations, and, being innovative and always searching for something new, was able to improve his education with participating in many projects, kept learning and improving his skills in the sphere of filmmaking.
Being a talented person, he has participated in the workshops of Bella Tarr and Verner Hertzog and created his own films.
And here he was, at Cinema house with those films.
Hayk's films, "Clouds over Corripo", "Art in Motion", "Voices of Silence", have already caught the attention of A class IFFs and big players of film industry. At the moment Hayk is in Berlin IFF, presenting his new work.
Hayk's films were very interesting, from innovation to a unique way of thinking, structures and image lines.
After the screening, in the Fireplace hall Hayk told about the process of creating, characteristics of working with legendary filmmakers and the gained experience, and answered audience's questions.
We wish Hayk success in the future.