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News""National Cinematheque" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" concept was presented
In the half repaired areas of the Cinema house, the presentation of ""National Cinematheque" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" concept took place.
By the initiative of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, a unique system is created, the ""National Cinematheque" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" concept...
The creative concept of the system has been developed on professional consultations, visits and studies of similar areas. The concept has been created with the directory of Amsterdam EYE film museum, the professional staff of IFF of Rotterdam, the specialists of Rotterdam urban environment and public places.
The total price of the project is 680 million AMD. The Government of RA is planning to invest about 280 million AMD in the next couple of years. The board of Armenian Union of Film Professionals is already negotiating with private investors to collect another 200 million AMD.
Having three cinema halls with unique acoustic solutions, the Cinema house is a great place to build the National cinematheque, to gather Armenian cinema industry and the film festivals environment under one roof, to create a fantastic complex that will become a new brand for Yerevan and all Armenia.
The innovative classrooms will be the best places to have master-classes, pitchings, to develop projects and scripts, to watch movies and always be up-to-date about the world cinema trends.