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NewsThe "April" and an exceptional talk about cinema, literature...
Another warm meeting in the Cinema house Fireplace hall with unique guests, interesting talks about cinema, literature, homeland and with a lot of memories.
The occasion of the meeting was Vigen Chaldranyan's debut film, "April", in which we also could see Levon Nersisyan, Karen Janibekyan, Anahit Ghukasyan, Zareh Ter-Karapetyan and many other famous actors.
Among the guests there were the director of photography Vrej Petrosyan, production designer Vardan Sedrakyan, script writer Ruben Hovsepyan's daughter Lilith Hovsepyan, actress Anahit Ghukasyan. They spoke about the making of the film, filming area, behind the scenes, the film itself, its meaning, etc.
Writer Temik Khalapyan and journalist Heriknaz Harutyunyan also were there and took part in the talk.