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NewsIn bright and big "presence" of the Artist Khoren Abrahamyan
The audience of the Cinema house felt great artist Khoren Abrahamyan's presence for several hours, because it was the Artist's birthday, and we gathered to remember him, his unique image, his smile, his talks, and the audience gladly shared their memories with each other.
Under the topic "Forgotten Armenian cinema" this time was screened David Dovlatyan's debut "Noah", in which the Artist played his last role. 
It was not unexpected, that such a great master, as Khoren Abrahamyan, agreed to play in the debut of Davit Dovlatyan, because this is how the Artist was, always supporting youth.
As usual, a warm talk started in the Fireplace hall, and Khoren Abrahamyan's daughter Tamara, son-in-law Armen, niece Nina also remembered the Artist and told stories from the Artist's life, far from the camera, real and sincere.
The people who worked with Khoren Abrahamyan, film critic Aneta Erznkyan, the president of the Theater Workers Union of Armenia Hakob Ghazanchyan, who also worked in the film "Noah", and script writer Armen Vatyan, cameraman Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan, sound designer and Frunze Dovlatyan's widow Iren Ordukhanyan talked about the Artist on the stage or before the camera, then in the filming process, their relations as friends and colleagues, etc.
This evening was another occasion to know more about the Master, especially for many youngsters.