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NewsStephan Graf von Bothmer. "The acoustics of the Cinema house Grand hall are fascinating"
Stephan Graf von Bothmer is in Yerevan by the invitation of German embassy in Armenia, to play the music created by him for the first silent animation film "The adventures of Prince Ahmed" (1926, Germany), during its screening in ReAnimania 10th international animation film and comics art festival.
German composer and piano player is popular with his virtuoso performances, during which he plays parallel with the screening. His music is influential, compelling, modern, and interweaving with the film, becomes a perfect expressive unity. Words aren't enough for describing, it should be watched. That opportunity was given those who had come to the Cinema house Grand hall.
The artist who had created music for over 950 films, was getting ready with the piano of the Grand hall for two days right before the concert.
We had an unconstrained conversation with the great artist during the break.
- If I'm right, You have been to Armenia before.
- Yes, You're right. In 2015 I played during the screening of one of German classic silent films "Nosferatu" (1922) by Marnau, and had a concert in Gyumri as well. In 2017 I played during the exposition of Metropolis in Aram Khachatryan house-museum, and for the screening of 1927 film "Luther". I also had a concert in Vanadzor. 6 concerts all together.
- Your genre is so interesting. What do You want to say with Your art?
- I want to give people a music that can change people, I want each of them to leave the hall as an absolutely different person than they had been before entering the hall. I want to make a completely new impression on audience, to make my music flow through their veins and mess their feelings, their emotions, their inner worlds.
- So, You are going to have Your first concert in the legendary Cinema house Grand hall, renovated and reopened 43 years later...
- Yes, it's my first concert in this hall. It's a great hall, the acoustics are fascinating.
"The adventures of Prince Ahmed" is a beautiful animation film, full of dreams and mysteries. In fact, this masterpiece, the author of which is Lotte Reinigers, is the very first full-length animation film, but its subtle technics and clear beauty are still on top.
- We surely will have a great pleasure.
- I'll be very happy with that...