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Cinema museum

Concept of National Cinematheque of Armenia



The mission of National Cinematheque of Armenia is the preservation and spreading of the 100-year-old Armenian Cinema Heritage through the cooperation with the international network of Cinematheques, publication of Armenian contemporary and classic pieces of cinema with the help of informative technologies and approaches, the organization of alternative and modern education models for teenagers and students through innovative approaches, creation of environment for film festivals, development for film production, screenings of classical pieces of world cinema as well as the best latest films from all over the world, master classes by best professionals for Armenian audience and last but not least development of cinema tourism as the best trigger for the development of the field.


Description of the Project Concept

The area of 1219 square meters, with 3 floors will give the chance to create auditoriums for innovative cinema education, which will give teenagers and young people the possibility to go all the way from script development to project development and at last the screening of their finished work at the cinema halls located there.

Create 2 convertible cinema halls according to the standards of the international network of cinematheques which will give the opportunity to get acknowledged with the best pieces of Armenian and world-wide cinema, organize master classes with the best international professionals.

By linking the convertible 2 halls to the already existing big hall of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, built with unique acoustic approaches and with a capability of 500 places, the medium size hall (150 places) and small hall (50 places), renovate and equipt them according to the international standard with the possibility of professional film screenings along with the conference halls, this area will become the center of all the film festivals of Armenia including the biggest: Golden Apricot International Film Festival.


Create innovative spaces, environments, where through the help of modern informative technical solutions it will become possible to present the rich Armenian cinema heritage and present it on education basis as well as a component of cultural development.

Create touristic environments, film libraries, audio-visual creative spaces, small cinema halls, involvement of small creative environments which will give the tourists the opportunity to spend many hours in the cinematheque ad enjoy the educational, creative and entertainment opportunities.

Build alternative auditoriums according to the international standards, productive environment which will give the people who see their future in cinema to start their path in a more professional way.

We plan to name of the halls, auditoriums and creative platforms after the people who will have the biggest contribution on the stage of implementation of the project. The management of the cinematheque will be implemented in accordance with the created board of trustees, by involving there the partners of the project, donors, acclaimed professionals of Armenian cinema, persons who has big contribution in the process of development of Armenian cinema.


Beneficiaries of the Project

The beneficiaries of the project are the people involved in the process of preservation of Armenian Cinema heritage, Armenian society and human resources of tourism in Armenia, target audience of Armenian film festivals and the community worried about the development art house cinema.