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NewsVigen, our beloved friend...
Though during these hard times we got used to the news about deaths, but we can't deny that Vigen's death was unexpected and unacceptable.
Vigen was a talented artist and director, full of energy, with a unique sense of humor and responsibility, a man of honor who could not bear lies and dishonesty.
Vigen left a huge heritage in cinema, theater, television and radio, playing big and small many roles, creating unique and unforgettable images.
Vigen taught youth a lot, learned from them a lot and became their beloved friend and teacher.
This loss is not only a loss of theater and cinema, a loss of culture, but a loss of a big human with a big heart.
On behalf of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, the Board of the Union and all our colleagues we send our deep condolences to Vigen's family, relatives, friends, to all of us on the occasion of his untimely death...