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NewsPopular specialist from Hamburg at Cinema house
Christopher Mondt, one of the best specialists of engineering solutions and technical equiment projections of film screenings in cinema halls in Europe, is in Yerevan by the invitation of Harutyun Khachatryan, the president of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia.
Christopher Mondt examines the technical compliance of updated contemporary film screening projectors of completely renovated, new furnished 500-seats cinema hall of Cinema house, observes the engineering possibilities of recently placed film screening equipments and the big screen.
Christopher Mondt was simply fascinated by the work done up to now, especially when he learnt that the cinema hall and its servicing infrastructures had been in neglected conditions during the last 30 years and the present compliance is provided in just a few months.
In the coming days Christopher Mondt will present a professional analize.
By the way, yesterday the red carpet was already placed on the Grand hall stage...