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NewsWomen, flowers, wine, film…
It was the first evening in the Small hall of Cinema house of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia under the topic “Cinema evening with an actor”. As the guests of the evening were actress Narine Grigoryan and directors Diana Kardumyan and Ani Hakobyan, and the evening was on March 7, one the eve of Women’s day, all this meant that the evening would be festive, even prettier, full of excitement and emotions.
While film critic Aneta Erznkyan presented the films “Dialogues” by Diana Kardumyan and “Circulation” by Ani Hakobyan and the audience enjoyed the films featuring Narine Grigoryan, the actress arrived the “Fireplace hall” right after her regular theatrical performance and joined the discussion started by the project coordinator Arthur Bakhtamyan.
The conversation about the themes of films, women’s characters, etc., was very interesting, and the guests and the audience participated in that actively and frankly.
And no one could stay indifferent with Narine’s sincerity and integrity.
Before the farewell Arthur Bakhtamyan felicitated the guests and all women in the hall on behalf of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, and the evening continued accompanied by wine, flowers, selfies, smiles.
Here’s such a beginning of March 8…