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News"Garni" in the center of generations' dialogue
Perhaps most people know that in loved Armenian films such as “Hello, it’s me”, “The canyon of forgotten fairytales”, “Arevik”, “Ginger airplane”, “Where were you, God’s man?” Arnold Aghababov’s name is mentioned as the scriptwriter, but he also is the director of “Arevik”, “Ginger airplane”, “Where were you, God’s man?”, who transmits delicate relationships of people with the language of cinema so skillfully.

But less of us know that Arnold Aghababov’s “beginning” is a film that has caused a big interest at the time but… has still remained unknown.

The “meeting” in the Cinema house Small hall of Armenian Union of Film Professionals under the topic “Forgotten Armenian cinema” was with that very film, “Garni”, presented by film director Diana Kardumyan, who has a unique handwriting in modern Armenian cinema.

“Garni”, filmed in 1966, is the second film of the trilogy “People of our town”. The old and the new are side to side in the film, and human hard relationships are in the epicenter of their friction.

After the screening, an interesting discussion started in the “Fireplace hall”, during which the audience talked about Arnold Aghababov’s unique work, choice of actors, delicately developing plot, etc. The guests mentioned, that though the film shows the present of 60’s, it is up-to-date for every generation and time.