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An exhibition of documentary photographs, called "30 days in Yerevan" by Lusine Torosyan, a student of Yerevan state institute of theater and cinema, had gathered many people in Cinema house and was being presented by the author herself.
The president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan, the rector of Yerevan state institute of theater and cinema Davit Muradyan and professor, film critic Aneta Erznkyan congratulated Lusine and the guests, mentioning that it's so important to encourage the youth, to give such opportunities to express themselves, to stand beside the youth and help them.
Lusine also made a speech, thanked everyone and advised her friends to be creative and take risks, to work hard so that the next time we all visit Cinema house to see their works.
Although this was the second exhibition of the same photos in Yerevan, Cinema house was very crowded till late night. Chats, discussions, wine...
10 more days you can see Lusine Torosyan's 40 unique stories from different corners of Yerevan.