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NewsCinematographers were invited to discuss the drafted project of regulation
Few days ago the discussion of the drafted project of “The process and funding of film project competitions” regulation of National Cinema Center of Armenia took place with the initiative of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia.
This was an open invitation, and among the attendees were presenters of National cinema academy of Armenia, the public initiative “Independent filmmakers of Armenia”, the Association of film critics and film journalists, the public initiative “Youth CineWave”, producers, screenwriters, directors, stakeholders and interested persons.
During the discussion, which lasted few hours, the attendees told their opinions and viewpoints, discussed specific provisions and approaches.
The presenters of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia presented their version in general discussion, to form a general and unite version of the project by the cinecommunity and present it in the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.
Although the meeting lasted few hours, it was impossible to form unite approaches in this level of discussion.