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NewsThe First Professional Guilds' Awards is successfully done...
Back in 2017, when Harutyun Khachatryan was elected the president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, one of his first projects was creating the Professional Guilds and to launch their works in the sphere.
The team studied the international experience, developed the charters, held discussions and debates, the professionals elected the presidents of the guilds, and the long stubborn works began.
Of course, there were lots of difficulties. Many people did not believe that we would succeed. But the Guilds did, and the Awards ceremony as well.
To all these difficulties was added the COVID pandemic and the war.
During the ceremony, the President of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan told that he had thought a lot whether to hold a big ceremony or not, because "our losses were huge, horrible, disappointing, but I think we have the right to live and to create, so that we can move on, develop, return the losses, win and overcome..."
And now, the right to live brought us here, and the works restarted, the Professional Guilds kept creating, and on 30th October the First Professional Guilds' Awards ceremony took place, the result of the giant work of the team.
On that festive day, thanks to the opening of the film museum area, a part of the ""National Cinematheque concept" creative educational-cultural-touristic environment" and the Professional Guilds' Awards ceremony, the cinema feast came back to the Cinema House.
The awards were given to the members of six professional guilds in several nominations.
The Film Producers' Guild winners are:
Arman Mitoyan for the feature film "An unknown subscriber".
Karine Simonyan for the feature short film "Christmas roast".
Lilit Martirosyan for the documentary film "Henrik Malyan".
Arman Mitoyan for the tv series "An Anatolian story".
The Film Script Writers' Guild winners are:
Edgar Baghdasaryan and Knarik Mirzoyan for the feature film "Erken kisher".
The Film Directors' Guild winners are:
Edgar Baghdasaryan for the feature film "Erken kisher".
Alexander Baghdasaryan for the feature short film "Christmas roast".
Tamara Stepanyan for the documentary film "The village of women".
David Babayan for the animation film "The dream of Kafka".
Hrach Keshishyan for the tv series "An Anatolian story".
The Cinematographers' Guild winners are:
Suren Tadevosyan for the feature film "Erken kisher".
Artur Ustyan for the feature short film "Orphanhood".
Artur Gharayan for the documentary film "Artsakh: on the edge of eternity".
Mihran Stepanyan for the tv series "Forgiveness".
The Film Designers' Guilds winners are:
Anahit Aghajanyan as the best make-up artist of the film "Erken kisher".
Karine Atanyan as the best costume designer of the film "The sun, the mountains and love".
Armen Ghazaryan as the best production designer of the film "Lorik".
The Film Critics and Film Journalists' Guild winners are:
Suren Hasmikyan and Svetlana Gulyan for the years of merit and the published books.
Congratulations to all the winners.