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The Cinema house building of Armenian Union of Film Professionals keeps being occupied illegally.
While we were busy with the case of the illegal occupation of Cinema house inner yard by our "neighbors" from Aram str., the owners of a restaurant, on June 12th another "neighbors", this time the owners a cafe at the corner of Aram and Khanjyan streets, began to destroy the wheelchair ramp attached to the stairs of the Cinema house main entrance.
With the length of 7.5 m and the width of 1.2 m, the wheelchair ramp was built for invalids and people with limited mobility according to the international standards, but now it is all gone to build the new entrance with stairs for the cafe.
Although our call was answered by Yerevan municipality, the Head of Yerevan Centre district, the sevices of Yerevan City centre police department, anyway the cafe owners continued the illegal constructions, damaging the Cinema house building and the environment.
Therefore, the Cinema house Grand hall remained without a wheelchair ramp, and the project of National Cinematheque concept also paused.
In the frames of the Concept we are planning to build a stars park in front of the entrance, where the stars of the most famous actors of Armenian cinema will be, and everyone who comes to the Cinematheque, the innovative live museum and creative educational-cultural-touristic environment, will pass through the stars park.
We hope that these illegal constructions will no longer exist as soon as possible, and Armenian Union of Film Professionals will get back its losses.
Armenian Union of Film Professionals