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NewsThe celebration of Armenian Cinema day with the new generation
We decided to celebrate Armenian Cinema day at Armenian Union of Film Professionals with the new generation, giving the opportunity to watch films on the big screen of the biggest cinema hall in Armenia, the Cinema house grand hall.
Many of the children and teenagers don't communicate with the big screen because of the newest technologies. And it's so important to invite them to a hall that has lots of traditions, that is a part of Armenian cinema history, and to talk with them about the art of cinematography, filmmaking, the past and the future of Armenian cinema, and of course to answer all their questions.
First the audience watched the premiere screening of an animation film "Aregnazan. In the world of fairytales" by one of the best animators of Armenian cinema, Gayane Martirosyan, who spoke about animation cinema, the "Aregnazan", the author of the fairytale Ghazaros Aghayan and the animation, based on the fairytale.
And after the lights were turned off, there appeared images with wonderful colors, lovely characters, in our mother language, with good music...
Later the audience watched the film "Aniko" by a young film director Anna Harutyunyan, one of the best creations in last few years, in which many lovely actors play lead roles, such as Davit Hakobyan, Hermine Stepanyan and others, and the young audience loved the "heroes" of the film played by talented teens Nare Mnatsakanyan and Ara Simonyan.
Film director Anna Harutyunyan also spoke about her film and answered many questions.
Film critic, professor Aneta Erznkyan also were in the hall, and talked with the children about the past and the present of Armenian cinema, and the audience showed a lot of interest about the topic.
The hall was crowded all day, and the people were enjoying the films, the discussions, the environment.
We want to thank everybody who took part in the program of Armenian cinema day, especially the students, the parents and the teachers of 3rd secondary school of Nor Hajn and the secondary school of Yerevan State Pedagogy University.
While everyone was waiting for the films to start, one of the students of 3rd secondary school of Nor Hajn Elen Khachikyan played classic music on the piano and sang Komitas's "Kaqavik" with her classmates.