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NewsUnion of film professionals of Gyumri was the guest of Cinema house
The Union of film professionals of Gyumri, established at the end of last year by the initiative of Harutyun Khachatryan, the president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, has enthusiastic and active members.
According to mutual visits, cooperation initiatives, arrangements of getting to know each other more and encouraging young filmmakers, the members of the Union of film professionals of Gyumri presented few of their works to the audience of Yerevan, discussed them, talked about cinema development and its reflection in Gyumri.
Many great names of filmmakers and their masterpieces are related to this city, and nowadays it cannot be far from every movement in Armenian cinema.
During the evening the audience watched two interesting films, "Holy" by Garnik Sargsyan and "Serial killer" by Martin Poghosyan-Efremyan.
There are more meetings to come, so stay updated!