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NewsThe schoolchildren of Karvachar visited Cinema house
The project "Cinema for schoolchildren" had unique guests this time. Schoolchildren from Karvajar visited Cinema house.
The children would meet Hrant Tokhatyan, talk to him about cinema, theater, the profession of an actor, listen to many interesting stories, ask questions, take photos, etc. These children want to become actors, and nowadays, in their coterie, they play "Cinderella", Tumanyan's fairytales, etc.
Before meeting Hrant Tokhatyan, the schoolchildren watched the animation films "The slippers of Abu-Hasan", "The found dream", "The puy-puy mouse", then had a long warm talk with Hrant Tokhatyan in the Fireplace hall, talked about their dreams, favorite roles, wishes.
Then they took a walk in Cinema house halls, saw the portraits of the biggest Armenian filmmakers.
Then they saw the signatures of the guests of the Cinema house, world famous masters of cinema and culture, such as Aram Khachatryan, William Saroyan, Armen Jigarkhanyan and others.
This was an unforgettable day, not only for the children, but also for us and Hrant Tokhatyan, because the children was so full of light, energy, inspiration and dreams, and honest, that we didn't want them to leave...