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NewsWill the dream of Armenian Cinematek come true?
The president of RA Armen Sargsyan visited Cinema house, walked in the halls, where Armenian Cinematheque, Armenian contemporary cinema museum will welcome people in near future...
Armen Sargsyan watched a video about conceptional approaches of future Cinematheque in reopened Cinema house Grand hall, had a warm and sincere conversation with people who are eager to do everything to preserve Armenian cinema heritage and to create new environment for Armenian cinema. The president signed on the "Fireplace hall" famous memorial wall and promised to do everything for making these dreams come true.
The president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan has no doupt that Armenian Cinematheque, where not only Armenian cinema heritage will be stored, but cinema culture will become part of every visitor's life, education, science, culture and tourism will be laid at the base of its concept, and that dream will gradually become a reality.
And when dreams come true? When we believe in them and work with endless devotion.
After the election of Harutyun Khachatryan as president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, the creation of Armenian Cinematheque became an obsessive idea for him.
In areas designated for the Cinematheque, engineering work has already been done, a project plan and design documents have been created, cost estimates have been drawn up, a huge research and analytical work have been done, concepts have been developed, negotiations have been held on cooperation with many Cinematheques of the world, including one of the best - the Cinematheque of Amsterdam, partnership agreements have also been reached.
These concepts and principles are based on the fact that the Cinematheque will not be just a place to display historical and cultural values, but will be a living, creative, innovative environment where the Armenian film culture, thanks to modern technology and engineering solutions, will be accessible to the modern world, where visitors, regardless of age, will be in the cinema environment and communicate with cinematography, taking with them unforgettable impressions.
The Cinematheque team will continue its hard work and research.