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NewsHappy eyes, clever views, hard questions…
Last initiative of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, the project “Cinema for schoolchildren”, caused big excitement, and the schoolchildren of Yerevan №192 secondary school and Shengavit teen creative center entered Cinema house accompanied by their parents and teachers.
Surely they were confused and walked through the halls of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia for the first time. In their views there were pleasant amazement and wish to see, to perceive, to imbibe everything, and there was a unique shine in their eyes.
Almost 50 schoolchildren walked through the halls of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, where there is an exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest masters of Armenian cinema Laert Vagharshyan. After that they entered the popular “Fireplace hall”, on the walls of which there are the signatures and greetings of great Armenians William Saroyan, Aram Khachatryan, Vazgen the First Supreme Patriarch, the international masters of cinema Emir Kusturiza, Roman Balayan, Armen Jigarkhanyan, etc.
The small hall of Cinema house was waiting ahead, and it became so crowded at once. Most of the children got placed on the cozy pillows on the floor, and the main the screening of Armenian cartoons started.
Three wonderful movies with excellent Armenian, true messages, speech, colors; 30 minutes of pleasure and magic…
But that was not all. After watching they met the creative team members of the cartoons in the “Fireplace hall”, famous composer Martin Vardazaryan, whom they had seen on TV many times, popular screenwriter Armen Vatyan, well-known animator Igor Patrick.
What schoolchildren had seen in the cartoons, what they understood, what kind of feelings and impressions they had, all was discovered during the meeting. They asked the authors of the cartoons many different questions without hesitation, made proposals, offered their own developments of the scripts, their own answers, even titles.
Even the experienced and famous people could hardly find answers for children’s comprehensive questions, and to be honest, the guests promised to think about a few questions later.
The president of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia Harutyun Khachatryan joined the conversation, too, shared with stories, revealed few “finesses” of filmmaking.
The meeting lasted around two hours, until the answer of the last question, and the children took from Cinema house not only nice feelings, but also learned how cartoons are shot, how the sounds, the images and the colors are made, how their favorite heroes speak, and in general entered the amazing world of cinema.
Later came selfies, exchanges of feelings, discussions of opinions and viewpoints, separate chats and all.
When they left, their happy eyes, clever views, hard questions and sentimental impressions stayed at Cinema house behind.
The president of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia Harutyun Khachatryan promised that these meetings will be continuous and each meeting will be a feast and unique occasion of development for children.