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NewsLaert Vagharshyan's comeback to Cinema house
Famous Armenian film director and film professional Laert Vagharshyan’s name is not only in the chronicles of the creation of Armenian cinema, is not only connected with feature films and documentaries, such as “The song of the first love”, “Exiled-011”, “Called to live”, “Martiros Saryan”, “Aram Khachatryan”, etc., which are loved and accepted, but is closely connected with the idea and building of Cinema house and Dilijan creative house of Armenian Union of Film Professionals as well.

Though today we don’t have that buildings any longer, that Cinema house, for creating and establishing of which Laert Vagharshyan has made much effort as well, being the first secretary of the board of Armenian Union of Film Professionals from 1969 to 1975, nonetheless, Laert Vagharshyan’s “comeback” to Cinema house was accepted by his colleagues, students, contemporaries, audience and lovers of his cinema.

Yesterday, the retrospective exhibition dedicated to Laert Vagharshyan was opened in Armenian Union of Film Professionals, and decades later, for the first time the documentary “Martiros Saryan” was screened as well.

The president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan, opening the ceremony mentioned that this evening is a tribute to famous film director, with his “comeback” to Cinema house there is a wish to remember the masters of our cinema, their years’ work, to appreciate their merit and to be thankful and grateful.

“With Laert Vagharshyan’s “comeback” to Cinema house we want to say that this is our masters’ home and they should always be here, the environment and the atmosphere of cinema should be here as well”,- Harutyun Khachatryan said.

In her speech Laert Vagharshyans daughter, painter Marina Vagharshyan expressed her happiness about the revival of cinema atmosphere and environment and the “comeback” of our famous cinematographers with such events.

During this evening dedicated to Laert Vagharshyan, his students, film directors Hrant Hakobyan, Ruben Kochar, Seyran Shahsuvaryan, his colleague, operator Levon Atoyants made speeches and as well as shared their memories.

The documentary “Martiros Saryan”, which was screened for the first time decades later and most of the cinematographers hadn’t watched it yet, was presented by film critic Aneta Erznkyan, and the evening continued around a glass of wine, warm memories, chats, emotions given by photos.