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NewsBeing attentive and grateful for the memory and work of the great names of Armenian cinema
To be attentive to the work and memory of the Masters of Armenian cinema; this was a principle and approach, adopted by the president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals, Harutyun Khachatryan, was implemented during last few years, and will be.
The evidence of these are the continual screenings of our Masters' heritage, the meetings with their descendants, the actors of their films, their "presence" at the Cinema house with the standing exhibition of their photographs, collecting the archives, searching for the lost values, and all the projects dedicated to them.
Spring came, and another project came true.
The special commision of the Union started the research of the Masters' tombs in the City Cemetery of Yerevan. Most of them have the need of repair, and the commision has made suggestions how to repair them in the Board meeting of the Union.
The works have begun after the agreement of the Board, and this will be the unique tribute to their memory, because they have created the uncomparable value named Armenian Cinema.